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Did you know?

  • Wood is a renewable resource
  • There are more trees today in the United States than there were 100 years ago
  • The United States still has 70% of the forests that existed in 1600
  • More trees grow than are harvested each year: Michigan is the #1 state in timber surplus
  • Michigan forests grow 1032 million cubic feet per year, while 322 million cubic feet is harvested each year.  Therefore Michigan has an annual surplus of 710 million cubic feet
  • Every year, an acre of trees is able to process 13 tons of harmful gases into oxygen
  • Since 1980, timberland in Michigan has increased by more than a million acres
  • Michigan forests are growing more than twice the  wood than is harvested each year
  • Nature reclaims trees that are not harvested due to insects, storms, diseases, and fires
  • In Michigan, 202 million feet of lumber is lost annually to natural causes
  • Over 30 million trees are planted in Michigan every year
  • Auto Pallets-Boxes Inc. conducts forest management and selective logging on a large parcel of private land in Northern Michigan (see Corporate Retreat)
Information gathered primarily from the Michigan Forest Resource Alliance at 1-800-474-1718 and the National Hardwood Lumber Association at (901) 377-1818


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Little Sauble Lake
Lake County, Michigan