Pallet Design
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Pallet Design Capability
If you are unsure of your specific needs or would like to have your current pallet design analyzed, let us perform an evaluation for you at no charge.  Let us know the capacity you need and the size of the boxes you are using and we can design a cost effective solution to your problem.

The Pallet Design System (PDS) is a Windows based program developed by the Pallet and Container research Laboratory at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  It allows the user to feed many different variables such as lumber, fasteners, service environment, load distribution, and pallet style and specifications into an analysis to optimize costs and lumber usage.  This program allows us to:

  • Estimate load capacity in various service environments
  • Optimize lumber usage to develop cost effective pallets
  • Ensure that a pallet design will work for you
  • Print out drawings and specifications for customer approval
  • Analyze current pallets for capacity and durability
  • View a design from multiple angles
  • Estimate the weight of a pallet

PDStopview.gif (387295 bytes)

Check out these sample
 PDS drawings

PDSsideview.gif (330071 bytes)